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King Kaka slams ‘enemies’ predicting the worst of his medical condition

Singer King Kaka has hit out at a section of bloggers whom he accused of suggesting he is on his deathbed.

The musician, born Kennedy Ombima, recently came out to publicly suggest that he was unwell and had stayed in the hospital for a prolonged period for treatment.

These submissions and some photos shared by himself and his wife Nana Owiti invited speculation, and the Wajingi Nyinyi hitmaker has now come out to set the record straight.

“What is the problem with these bloggers?” he posed.

“Why would you write such a thing? Anyway, my enemies are suffering from insomnia, they don’t sleep,” he concluded.

King Kaka had earlier shared his medical condition with fans via social media, indicating his situation deteriorated when he was given the wrong prescription.

“It got to a moment when I experienced weight loss, it was a difficult experience,” he recounted.

The musician recently left the hospital but is yet to fully recover.