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King Kaka wins more fans with ‘mature’ response to Passaris rant on social media

Rapper King Kaka has won praises from Kenyans on social media for being the bigger person while responding to a scathing attack from Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris.

King Kaka was the recipient of a not very flattering comment from Passaris after the latter was subjected to public criticism for seeking medical treatment abroad.

It all started with a stinging post from a certain George Gathecha directed at Passaris after the legislator posted photos and a video of herself recuperating in India.

“You should stop posting this because, how do you think people from slums feel yet they can’t afford Kenyatta National Hospital KNH?” Gathecha tweeted.

To this Passaris responded:

“#ManUp I invested 50 million to be elected a leader. I served way before being elected.”

Her comment attracted the attention of King Kaka who faulted her for posting about the money she used during the campaign.

The rapper told her to instead make Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) a reliable health services provider.

Angered by the rapper’s remarks, Passaris  hit back.

And just like in all her other recent tweets, she wasn’t kind with words to the Wajinga Nyinyi hit song artiste.

She went ahead to remind King Kaka that unlike him, she has worked and served.

King Kaka however gave a calm and composed reply, wishing her a quick recovery since her “wounds are still fresh.”

Here is what some Kenyans on Twitter thought of King Kaka’s reply to Passaris:

“I need this level of self-control aki,” @Elainesoya commented.

“That’s maturity We can’t engage with someone in Hossy. You showed trait of real leadership man – that’s pure self control and restraints,” @ynaDualeh tweeted.

“Waah the king punches one man down the referee waves play on,” @aremoh_brian posted.

“That’s the definition of maturity,” said @brayanbkipkirui.