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King Kalala: I don’t mind being body shamed because I do it all the time

Content creator King Kalala, real name Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, has opened up about her experience of being body shamed in the limelight. 

Speaking in a recent interview with Dr Ofweneke, the NRG radio presenter said that she has become accustomed to constant body shaming remarks she receives on social media as there isn’t much she can do about it.

“Honestly inaboo. 24 years hazijakuja,” she started.

She went on to claim that it isn’t all that bad when people body shame her as she also gets the chance to do the same to other people. 

“What I like about being body shamed is that I also get to do it back. It gives me a chance to body shame people back,” said King Kalala.

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She also said her celebrity status does not quite limit her when it comes to speaking her mind, especially when someone comes at her disrespectfully.

“It’s not about me a celebrity that I have to speak with respect, if that’s how we are talking, then let’s talk,” she said.

King Kalala is among several Kenyan female celebrities who have been put on the spot for their physical appearances, with trolls aiming at their features but Kalala has not been one to be put down.

Having developed a reputation for herself as the ‘Female Andrew Kibe’, from her blunt opinions and bold personality, King Kalala has seen better days as a celebrity not giving her trolls a second of thought. 

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In 2020, Kalala got trolled rather harshly after she body-shamed overweight people, saying that their carelessness brought about their excess weight. Her insensitive remarks landed her in a lot of trouble with Kenyans as she was equally body-shamed for being petite. 

During the same interview, King Kalala also confessed to having a soft side and that she often cries in private, something she would never do in public.

“Kulia ni lazima… usiku tuu… and then we strike at dawn.”

She recalled when she cried bitterly  after her boyfriend dumped her for cheating on him.

“Nishailia huyo boy alikuwa mpunk na akaniacha. I cheated on the guy, let’s just be honest,” she admitted.

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