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King of parody Eric Omondi catches CS Kagwe’s attention

Celebrated Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi might just have tickled the funny bone of the Cabinet Secretary for Health following his hilarious viral video in which he mimicked the CS.

While making his daily updates on Thursday, April 9, the CS who has, recently, endeared himself not only to Kenyans but internationally as well, started with a disclaimer by mentioning the comedian on a light note.


Kagwe said that he would try as much as possible to issue the briefing in a different manner from the one portrayed by the comedian, who imitated him on the video which was trending on Wednesday.

“I will try very much not to do it the Eric Omondi style,” Kagwe told the media before commencing his address.

Omondi left netizens in stitches after he recorded a video in which he presented himself as the Health CS making his daily address to the media.

From the three gentlemen accompanying him wearing masks who posed as health officials, the tone, and manner of speech, the comedian undoubtedly demonstrated that he was the king of imitation by showing how the government official delivers his daily updates to the country.

Just like the CS, Omondi started off by detailing measures which the government had instituted in efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19.

In attempts to show the casual manner in which Kenyans were taking the global pandemic which has since infected over 1.5million people and killed more than 90,000 others, the comedian gave an illustration of a patient by the name Kevin Omondi.

According to the comedian, the patient entered Kenya from abroad sometime in March and refused to self-quarantine.


In a span of less than 48 hours, the patient had made contact with more than 10 people, all of them females, from different parts of the country.

The patient had later tested positive for Covid-19 but his wife had not been infected since the husband had not yet arrived home.

He also touched on the much talked about lockdown, which some Kenyans have been calling for, by humorously referring to a local hit song Nikikupea Utawezana.

“Hii lockdown mnaitisha Wakenya tukiwapea mtawezana?” he posed.

Omondi’s viral video comes in the wake of Sh100,000 kitty set aside by the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage, following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on Monday, April 6, to facilitate local artistes as they entertain Kenyans as they remain indoors over Covid-19 pandemic.