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Kioni alleges plot to ‘illegally’ change the Constitution

By Sammy Waweru December 28th, 2023 2 min read

Former Ndaragwa lawmaker Jeremiah Kioni has alleged a plot by President William Ruto to amend the Constitution without adhering to proper procedures.

Kioni, who heads a faction of the Jubilee party and is a close ally of former president Uhuru Kenyatta, says President Ruto is contemplating constitutional changes through what he described as ‘clandestine methods’.

He suggests that President Ruto might seek to amend the Constitution through parliamentary channels rather than opting for a referendum, a process that incorporates public opinion.

“During Uhuru Kenyatta’s 10-year term as President (though now retired), he remained loyal and faithful to the Constitution. He did not resort to backdoor methods. We now observe a government intending to change the law through the back door,” claims the Secretary-General of JP.

Mr Kenyatta served as the President of Kenya from 2013 to 2022, with the current President, Dr William Ruto, as his deputy during that while.

In a video, Kioni alleges the upcoming constitutional amendments are geared towards implementation through parliament, bypassing the need for a referendum.

Article 256 of the Kenyan Constitution clearly outlines the process for amending laws, involving both the National Assembly and the Senate.

Upon receiving proposals, the President is obligated to submit them to the Chairperson of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to call for a referendum.

However, certain clauses can be amended through parliamentary procedures.

“That is why we need a strong Jubilee to prevent the mutilation of the Constitution,” declares Kioni.

The former lawmaker expressed skepticism about the achievements of President Ruto’s government after a year in office.

He claimed their mandate was focused on corruption and an unprecedented public asset misappropriation.

Kioni further accused the Ruto’s administration of halting development projects in Central Kenya, and instead redirecting them to other parts of the country, drawing parallels with the leadership style of former President Daniel Arap Moi. (now deceased).

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