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Kiptum eulogised as a hardwoking, humble man

The World Marathon Champion Kelvin Kiptum has been eulogised by the cleric as a humble man who was close to his people in the village.

This is according to the retired Anglican Church of Kenya in Eldoret Diocese, Bishop Thomas Kogo, during his sermon at the funeral service of Kiptum.

In his sermon, the cleric said that Kiptum did not change his lifestyle even after being crowned as the World Champion, but rather retained his standard as a local man.

“In his life and vocational, and career, Kelvin connected to the ordinary people, who experienced a life of pain, scarcity, and suffering almost on a daily basis,” Bishop Kogo said.

“He dined with the high and might and at the same time he played pool with the very simple, and ordinary here at Chepkorio center.”

The Bishop went ahead to explain that he Kelvin was not limited by his international status to come down and dine with the locals in the village, despite of dominating headlines as the world champion.

“He connected with the very ordinary people. He was very humble and simple. Angepatikana hapa tu akicheza pool akiwa ordinay, ankiongea lugha ya kawaida, anaingia kwa hoteli ya kawaida.”

It has also been revealed that Kelvin was not showing off his heroic status in the village whenever he went to take a meal in a local hotel.

“In this world, there are people who whenever they get a small promotion, and come into such hotels, start asking for a menu, how can you ask for a menu in a local hotel? You know very well that if it’s not tea and mandazi its ugali and vegetable? Kelvin was very humble, he was down to earth.”

The late Kiptum is being rested at their home in Chepkorio, which has attracted athletes across the world as well as President of World Athletics, Sebastian Coe.

President William Ruto, his deputy Rigathi Gachagua and other government officials attended the burial.

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