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Kiriamiti’s upcoming ‘My Life in Crime’ series hit by controversy

A lady, who has identified herself as the daughter of reformed gangster, John Kiriamiti aka Jack Zollo, has accused the brains behind the yet to be unveiled series showcasing her father’s previous criminal life of excluding her family from the project.

In a series of tweets, the eloquent Annrita Kiriamiti has also taken offence with the names the production crew has used in reference to her father, stating ‘my dad is disappointed’.

Annrita, however, remains coy on whether the family will be considering legal action against the production team.

Kiriamiti is a reformed gangster-turned-author whose best works is My Life in Crime a gripping chronology of his life in the underworld.

After staging a series of bank heists in Nairobi, the law finally caught up Kiriamiti who eventually served time behind bars from where he penned his best selling novel, My Life in Crime upon which the upcoming movie series is based.