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Kirinyaga Woman Rep Njeri Maina rewards Benga legend Kigia Wa Esther for campaign song

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina, on January 25, 2024, presented rewarded legendary musician Kigia Wa Esther for his talent and entertainment heroics.

The politician handed the Benga artist a Sh30,000 cheque as a token of appreciation for allowing her to use his popular song ‘Gacheri’ during her 2022 election campaigns.

Addressing the audience during the MCSK loyalty distribution at Safari Park, Njeri expressed her admiration for the talented Benga artist.

“I used one of his songs, which has my name in it, and I want to reward him with a small token for that,” Njeri said.

While discussing her commitment to supporting musicians, Njeri acknowledged the challenges artists face in creating and promoting their music.

Drawing from her experience as a recording artist, she emphasized the importance of proper regulations to ensure the thriving of the Kenyan music industry.

Njeri highlighted the need for intentional efforts to ensure artists receive fair compensation for their creative work.

“I have been a recording artiste and I know the hustles that musicians go through to get their art out there. We must commit to ensuring that we have proper regulations in place to enable the Kenyan music industry to thrive.

We have to ensure that artistes get their money through all their collective bodies because they are the ones who go through the entire hustles of creating and coming up with music to entertain Kenyans,” she said.

MCSK’s Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua addressed the challenges the music industry faces, particularly with law compliance.

He noted that people often use music in bars, public vehicles, and events without understanding the necessity of payment.

Mutua emphasized the need for collaboration with the government to enhance enforcement and protect the rights of musicians.

Earlier this month, Njeri opened up about her past as an aspiring musician, shedding light on how it impacted her academic performance.

She shared a throwback photo on social media, capturing a moment after performing one of her songs at a public event.

The caption reflected her ambitious pursuit of a music career and the realization that the perception of being the “next big thing” was not entirely accurate.

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