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‘Kishash’ sensation Lil Maina – Why I relocated to the US

Jeremy Maina, widely known as Lil Maina and the hitmaker behind the infectious track Kishash, is currently residing in America.

Lil Maina’s journey to the United States was because of personal reasons, as he revealed in a candid YouTube video documenting a day in his life.

Following the untimely demise of his grandfather, the rising star relocated to the US to be closer to his mother.

“I don’t know my future plans really. I just know that I’ve come to the USA, and it’s life-changing.

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The way I was living in Nairobi was fast. I might have wanted to stay a bit longer, but you know, I must follow the path. You get? I haven’t found that level of independence to tell my mum that I want to be on my own. I haven’t reached that financial stability where I can confidently ask for something from my mother. Or something I can tell her, ‘This is what I want to do with my life.'”

Despite contemplating further education, Lil Maina remains unsure, saying,

“I really don’t know, but I have to [consider it], but I need to secure some funds first. It’s the ambitions of us young people, you know, reaching a certain level of financial stability before making such decisions. But for now, I’ll follow what she says.”

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Lil Maina also shared thrilling news about his musical endeavors. An album is in the works, promising to captivate his growing fanbase.

“My album is coming out, I won’t lie. The album is coming, guys. Subscribe. I am so excited, so don’t worry about it. ‘Lele’ remix is coming,” he enthusiastically declared.

Addressing speculations that he has revitalized the Gengetone genre, Lil Maina asserted his unique sound, stating:

“Guys, do you think my sound is Gengetone? I don’t think my sound is Gengetone personally. I think it’s just Maina. I have brought this vibe.”

Reflecting on his journey, he proudly shared:

“I remember people abusing me, saying Jere you are not going anywhere with music, look at me now.”

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