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Kisii leaders blame Silvanus Osoro for funeral ‘scuffle’ with Governor Simba Arati

Leaders in Kisii have accused South Mugirango lawmaker Silvanus Osoro of undermining them and asked the government to reprimand him.

The leaders, led by Kisii Deputy governor Robert Monda, expressed concerns and frustration over Osoro’s behaviour, saying his recent actions undermines the principles of good governance and jeopardizes the trust and confidence of the area residents in the government.

The leaders were reacting to an incident at a funeral where Osoro and Kisii governor Simba Arati argued over who was to address the mourners first.

This led to a scuffle and heckling at the event with further reports suggesting the county boss was eventually chased from the event.

The leaders, who addressed a press conference in Nairobi, further demanded the immediate arrest and prosecution of the youthful lawmaker, referring to him as a “goon” and condemning his alleged involvement in acts of violence.

They warned that failure to take action against Osoro, who is a close ally of President William Ruto, would be interpreted to suggest the government is not keen to address issues affecting leaders in the area.

“We are demanding immediate arrest of this goon in the name of the government chief whip of the national assembly and make him face the law, failure to which we shall know that we are on our own and defend ourselves,” Said Mr Muracha Henry, majority leader Kisii county.

The leaders further threatened to present a petition to the President if Osoro is not arrested within the specified timeframe. They called for the removal of Inspector General Japhet Koome from office, accusing him of condoning acts of violence and crime.

“If he will not have been arrested by the expire of our ultimatum we shall present the petition to the president to have the IG Koome removed from office for condoning acts of violence and crime,” Said Mr Muracha.

They also appealed to the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) to defend police officers from leaders who misuse their power to harass and intimidate them. The leaders emphasize that police officers should be allowed to fulfill their duty of protecting the public without being manipulated for personal gain.

“we call upon the independent police oversight authority IPOA to defend the police officers from leaders who use their powers to harass and intimidate them. Police officers must be allowed to protect lives of the public and not used as the puppets for those who seek abuse of power,” Said Mr Muracha.
It is the second time Osoro and Arati are confronting each other at a funeral. The previous incident happened in 2021 when the two leaders fought in the presence of President Ruto, who was serving as the country’s Deputy President at the time.

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