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Kiss of chaos: Kwambox reveals locking lips with a man got her in trouble

Kwambox, the vibrant and charismatic breakfast presenter on Kiss FM, recently surprised listeners by sharing some personal details about herself during her breakfast show with co-host Chito Ndhlovu.

In a candid conversation, the cheeky media personality revealed that her last intimate kiss with a man was many years ago when she was in high school.

Reflecting on her past, Kwambox revealed, “I had my last intimate kiss when I was in high school. It was a long time ago.

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Reflecting on her high school days, Kwambox recalled her morning routine and the influence of music during that time.

“My mum used to wake me up like three times before I went to school. I had a playlist on KBC,” she shared, highlighting the nostalgic connection between music and her formative years.

As the conversation deepened, Chito asked why Kwambox had been suspended from school.

Kwambox responded candidly.

“I was suspended because I kissed a boy. It happened when I was in Form Three. There was an event at Aga Khan and although the boy and I were really good friends, there was an attraction and all sorts of things. We were cleaning the class together while I was getting my bags ready when this happened.

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Kwambox acknowledged the juvenile nature of her actions, emphasising that they were teenagers at the time.

However, she revealed that the incident had a lasting effect on her.

“To this day, I have never kissed another man since that day. The shame I went through, the shame I brought on my family. I learnt the consequences of kissing,” she said, reflecting on the experience and the lessons it taught her.

In addition to sharing personal stories, the dynamic duo also tackled the issue of weight loss among Kenyan celebrities during the Morning Kiss show.

Addressing the issue, they engaged in an informative conversation, offering insights and tips for individuals looking to embark on a weight loss journey.

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