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Kiss FM unveil Obinna’s replacement

Popular radio presenter and media personality, Chito Ndhlovu, was announced as the new host of Kiss FM’s Morning Show ON May 21, 2023, replacing acclaimed comedian Oga Obinna.

Ndhlovu will co-host the breakfast show with Sheila Kwamboka, known to fans as Kwambox.

Speaking on his new assignment, an elated Ndhlovu said, “They called me one random morning and asked for a meeting. We had a back-and-forth on the matter. It was about when I should start and the plans for the show. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a dream of mine to host the breakfast show. So, it’s exciting.”

He went on to mention his anticipation of working with Kwambox, with whom he’s had a long-standing professional relationship. “I’m the one who oriented Kwambox at Kiss FM when she first joined. So, we have been talking for a while. Wait and see what we have planned for the show,” he added.

This announcement came three days after Ndhlovu revealed he was leaving Kiss FM’s Drive Show, a position he held for two years. “The last two years hosting this show Kiss 100 has been a dream come true. We have shared laughter, tears, pain and lots of joy together. Doing this with Cyd Wambui has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life,” Ndhlovu stated, referring to his prior co-host.

Before his stint at Kiss FM, Ndhlovu was a TV presenter for K24 TV’s Arena 254 show, and his media career, which spans nearly a decade, started at One FM in 2013.

Obinna, the outgoing host, parted ways with Radio Africa Group on April 25, having spent a year at the Waiyaki Way-based media house. “It was beautiful. I have achieved my dream, I have done everything I wanted to do. So, everything I do or achieve from now is extra,” he stated.

The comedian also revealed his future plans, stating he would return to content creation and focus on personal matters. “If I get another opportunity on radio, I will go back there and do any show, whether breakfast or drive. I will do it for the money. It used to be for the love, but we can’t feed our children with love, it is for the money,” he concluded.

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