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Kisumu millionaire throws big bash for new partner, refuses to forgive estranged wife

A Kisumu man who won Sh20 million has thrown a bash for his new wife and refused to make up with ex-wife who left him when he was broke.

Joseph Onywera, 62, whose wife Regina left him in 2010 after a disagreement over money, has refused to take her back and instead married another one named Phoebe.

The man then went ahead and slaughtered two bulls, one sheep, a goat and 15 chicken in a two-day celebration to welcome his new wife.

Mr Onywera told the Nairobian that he spent Sh200,000 in the bash as a way of appreciating his new wife and has no plans to take back his ex-wife.

“This is now my wife. Such a good woman. We have plans of formalizing this marriage next year. We could have done it this year but I had a lot to handle,” he said.


The gambling maestro during a past interview with Nairobi News said he chose Phoebe as they were in love years ago when he was still a humble farmer before she left the country.

Mr Onywera had been gambling for years before the June Betway jackpot as he had realized he had luck and always won his bets.

The ex-wife, Regina, told the Nairobian that she has not lived with another man since she left her husband and according to her they are not divorced.

“I have never lived with another man since I left my home in Kisumu. I know that is where I belong, and that is where I will be buried, so I am just requesting him to accept me back,” she said.

Mr Onywera has however refused to take her back and informed family and friends that Phoebe is his new wife.

The man has bought a 14-seater matatu, a pick-up, built three rental houses in Kisumu as well as eight acres of land with his jackpot millions.