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Kitengela Norkopir girls school closed indefinitely on ‘lesbianism’ allegations

The Noonkopir Secondary school, Kajiado East Sub county,has been closed indefinitely after a four days standoff between the administration and students on “lesbian” allegations.

The 987 students were sent home on April 13, 2023, after they became unruly citing lesbianism and insecurity in the school.

Over the last four days, a number of students are said to have raised an alarm over rampant cases of lesbianism in the school faulting the principal for failing to address the issue and instead reprimanding them.

A crisis meeting between the school management, local administration and Isinya sub county education officer on Thursday bore no fruits prompting the principal to send the students home.

According to the leave out issued to the students,they were required to report back to school on Monday next week accompanied by the parent with clear indication each parent will be required to commit himself or herself if the student will continue studying in the school or would prefer a transfer.

Some of the students who spoke to Nairobi News in confidence said there have been cases of lesbianism in school.

“Last weekend,two men were spotted within the school compound at night. A clique of students with questionable sexual behaviours have been harassing other students at dorms.Its awful, “She said amid tears.

Nairobi News visited the school and found it deserted with few teachers and casual workers present.

The principal Ms Florence Kimeu promised to address the media but had not kept her word by press time.

The principal was said to be holed up in a crisis meeting with the school board members and Kajiado East Sub county Education officer for hours.

When the board chairman flanked by other members emerged from the meeting briefly to address the media he termed the allegations as unfounded.

“We are in crisis meeting now.The allegations leveled against the school are unfounded The county director of education will be issuing a statement in due course.The “Lesbianism” allegations are baseless,”He said

However, a casual worker told Nairobi News several students were recently expelled from the school on allegations of lesbiansims.

The unrest is said to have began last week.

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