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Pastor Kathy Kiuna’s followers still waiting for promised cars

Six days into the New Year, followers of Pastor Kathy Kiuna of Jesus Christian Centre’s are still waiting for brand new cars that she promised each one of them before the end of 2017.

Kathy Kiuna made the promise to her followers on Twitter mid November through the hashtag #40DaysOfGlory.

But with the first week of the New Year almost down, some of the Kiunas’ followers on social media are wondering if they are ever going to get the promised cars.


This is what happened after Pastor Kathy Kiuna promised followers cars by New Year

An optimistic Kathungu wrote, “Reward Audi A6 not yet delivered, but still waiting patiently.”

One Warui wrote: “Maybe she meant #400DaysOfGlory and not #40DaysOfGlory in which case we have 360 more days.”

Thandiswa asked, “Which one of you wants to buy me a Mini Cooper?”

Watabe said: Rev Kiuna told us to claim it. Well hello 2018 #40DaysOfGlory”

Adrian Ochanyo opined: “Mummy and daddy said after #40DaysOfGlory well all have our cars. Yours hasn’t arrived yet? Just be patient.”