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Kizza Besigye: Why I swore myself in as ‘president’

Uganda politician Kizza Besigye says he chose to swear himself in as ‘president’ as a form of pursuing electoral justice in his country.

The opposition leader spoke on Monday in Nairobi during an interview with Radio Citizen.

He was in the country to launch a book on Kenya’s 2017 General Elections titled ‘The failed Quest for Electoral Justice’ at a Nairobi hotel.

In a move that mirrors that of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, Besigye swore himself as the ‘President of Uganda’ moments after the country’s electoral commission declared his main opponent, Yoweri Museveni, as winner.

He was arrested and hauled before court where he is still battling treason charges.

“I have told court in Kampala not to waste time investigating the matter. I was sworn in as President because I won the election. I have proof of the same,” he said.

“Up until now the courts have not offered me an opportunity (to prove my claims). The case is yet to commence. I am out on bail and I do not recognise Mr. Museveni as the President.

He went on: “The same happened here (Kenya) with my brother Raila. He swore himself in search of electoral justice. I hope we have seen the last time Kenyans are having problematic elections.”

Besigye has contested and lost four presidential elections to Museveni, two of which the Supreme Court ruled were marred with irregularities.

The judges decided the irregularities, however, did not affect outcome of the polls substantially in what was a reference to a constitutional threshold for election annulment.