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KMPDU outlines health workers salary demands

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has issued a permanent notice to the government, mandating the payment of all health workers’ salaries by the 5th of every following month.

Speaking at a media briefing on the privatization of healthcare as the President of the East Africa Health Sector Union’s Network, KMPDU Secretary General Dr. Davji Atellah highlighted the issue of delayed salary payments in various counties.

Dr. Atellah stated, “Yesterday, almost all counties had paid their March salaries except Kisumu County which actually proceeded to get an injunction from the courts to stop the ongoing walk-out the doctors and other healthcare workers were having.” He added that complying with the court’s decision is necessary, but likened the approach taken by Kisumu County to “treating diarrhea by blocking the anal orifice.”

The KMPDU Secretary-General emphasized the importance of timely salary payments, saying, “We are giving permanent notice to all the 47 counties that by the 5th of May, the April salaries should be paid.”

Dr. Atellah also addressed the issue of healthcare privatization in Kenya, noting that the country is leading in this area, causing many citizens to miss out on essential healthcare services. He pointed out the shortage of healthcare workers and claimed that Kenya is the worst in the East African region regarding opportunities for healthcare professionals.

“Kenya has the highest number of unemployed healthcare workers so this is a crying call that if we talk about Universal Health Care then it must go hand in hand with funding,” Dr. Atellah asserted. He urged the government to prioritize the welfare of healthcare workers and address the challenges faced by the industry to ensure better healthcare services for all Kenyans.

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