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Knec caught flatfooted on Twitter thanks to clueless ‘admin’

The administrator of Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) Twitter account was on Monday caught flatfooted after exposing ignorance on basic online terms.

The ‘admin’ had been tweeted by a user to check DM, an acronym that refers to direct messages.

In a quick response, the Knec account administrator questioned; “Good afternoon, what do you mean by DM?”

The response attracted critics who called out the ‘admin’ leading to a quick retraction by the body responsible for overseeing national examinations

But even the response that was put out later was also wanting. The ‘admin’ requested the user, who had said he had already sent a DM, to send a message.

“Good afternoon, cheche we are here please DM your query,” read the second response.

Twitter goofs by government officials are common with the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s communication team being a common offender.

The State House team has in the past misspelt the new Aide-de-Camp’s name, tweeted a statement that had bracketed instructions to tag the Bush family in a condolence tweet and written wrong captions for photos.