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KNH intern exposed for handing lung patient unsupervised strikes back

Samson Buluma, a former intern at Kenyatta National Hospital who was exposed for handling a lung patient unsupervised, has struck back.

Mr Buluma, who has been quiet until this weekend when the tussle for Gladys Kamande’s treatment funds started, returns at the height of controversy over the usage of Sh9.5 million donated for her treatment in India.

He took to the same post that exposed him for handling a patient unsupervised and wrote: “Tenda wema nenda zako….I did mine nangojea mungu aniongoze…I lost my career.”

Mr Buluma was an intern at KNH at the time when Ms Kamande was seeking treatment at the referral hospital.


Ms Kamande, who was blind and walked around with oxygen cylinders, has been part of a tussle over her treatment funds where she accused her funds drive manager Ndugu Nyoro of making it hard for her to access treatment.

Mr Nyoro has since claimed that trouble started when he demanded accountability on the funds usage as the money was donated by Kenyans of goodwill to assist Ms Kamande seek treatment and not purchase a plot as she had intimated to him.


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Mr Buluma was exposed few days to the day Ms Kamande was to travel to India for the first phase of her treatment.

Asked to explain how he met Ms Kamande, the intern stated, “(I) was a clinician by then doing my intern..being blind, on oxygen, discharged home on machine with medical assistance she requested me for assistance but the story turned sour after cash was raised…Nyoro tarnished my name….on my side the patient was more than sick you could not ignore…one day one time truth will come up…who has interest with money….is it the patient or Nyoro….obviously the patient has the right get the money collected for her…ukifanyiwa harambee unapewa ama hupewi…???”


“I provided all medical reports Nyoro needed which were done and written by Kenyatta national hospital consultants…this guy should accept to be messing people medical condition for personal reason….why withheld money at a point of necessary treatment….in the name of a plot,” added Mr Buluma.

Mr Nyoro has since said that as the funds drive manager who ran and online campaign to raise treatment funds, he had to ensure the money was used for the intended purpose alone and that every coin was accounted for.