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KNH puts measures to ensure patient safety after rape claims by new mothers

Kenyatta National Hospital has said it has put in place measures to protect patients and prevent a repeat of the incidents that have recently resulted in national outrage.

The move comes in the wake of a string of recent incidents that put the hospital in the spotlight including a surgery mix-up on February 19, a controversial caesarean section on January 26 and allegations of sexual assault of new mothers levelled against mortuary attendants last month.

In a meeting on Thursday with media editors, acting chief executive Thomas Mutie said the hospital was determined to handle its areas of weaknesses.

“We have launched a revised set of standard operating procedures which we expect our staff to adhere to, in addition to the World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health guidelines,” said Dr Mutie.


Among the changes the hospital has implemented are increased CCTV cameras and security officers within the facility including National Youth Service personnel.

He said the hospital had also embarked on an open door policy towards the media, saying it had nothing to hide.

Dr Mutie, however, warned journalists against sensationalised reporting.

“As much as it is the public’s right to get the whole story, the media sometimes can pick a statement made off the record and turn it into the main story, thereby deflecting attention from the major issues,” he said.

Patient safety director Lydia Okutoyi said errors were not limited to the hospital, but were global.

“We have only recently began to collect data on medical errors and it is a worldwide problem. Healthcare comes with a degree of risk and it is important for us to investigate each incident,” she said.