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KNH unable to cope with patients

Kenyatta National Hospital is overwhelmed as health workers stay out of government sponsored hospitals for the sixth day on Monday in total defiance of a court order.

This is following a strike which started last week called to force the national Government to reconsider paying health workers through the counties.

It is the only public hospital in the country which has not been paralysed following the country wide strike.

“We will not be able to handle the situation after next week if the strike continues. Health workers should also think and look at the situation and consider going back to work,” said KNH acting CEO Dr Monda.

No services are being offered in county hospitals.

Services have been grounded at Mbagathi, Mama Lucy and Pumwani Hospitals.

“The hospital is holding more than its capacity. Patients are coming more and more everyday but we are coping,” he said.

The neonatal and newborn unit is holding double its capacity.