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Know him? Why people are loving this man and his Githeri

He appeared today at the high-profile Nasa press conference where Raila Odinga sensationally claimed that the IEBC server was hacked and results altered.

BABA presser

He has since ‘featured’ in Game of Thrones.


Salt Bae

Salt bae

Barack Obama White House when he met 10 rappers in 2016

10 Rappers at the White House

Justice League (2017) cast

Justice League (2017)

Uhuru State House

State House

And Arsenal’s celebration of winning the FA Community Shield last Sunday

Arsenal community shield

But who is this man who has been turned into a viral meme?

The man is seen calmly devouring Githeri unperturbed off a clear polythene wrapping bag. His picture was taken on Tuesday in one of the queues during the voting process.

The exact location is not known.

The original photo.
The original photo.

And people know what is going on.

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