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Knut official charged in court for calling Uhuru ‘bhang smoker’

A top Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) official from Nyamira County has been charged of accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta of smoking bhang.

Kennedy Nyamwanda Ondieki, who is the body’s regional branch chairman, was arraigned in court on Wednesday to face charges of undermining authority of a public officer contrary to section 132 of the penal code.

The charge sheet read that on the 23rd day of December 2015 at Geswewe village, Bogisaba sub-location within Nyamira County, Ondieki uttered the words, “Uhuru Kenyatta onyure enyasore enyinge yagerire akoraa eserekari ya Kenya gochia rochie.”

In English his utterances  loosely translates: “Uhuru Kenyatta has smoked a lot of bhang to the extent that he leading the country to a river.”

He is said to have made this remarks in relation to the 2015 countrywide teachers strike.

These words, according to the charge sheet, were calculated to bring into contempt the lawful authority of the President of the Republic of Kenya.

This incident comes barely a month after President Kenyatta publicly forgave a politician who had accused him of smoking the drug which is outlawed in Kenya.

During a function at State House Nairobi, a visibly jovial Kenyatta hugged and forgave the Member of County Assembly (MCA) Samuel Aboko – who incidentally hails from Kisii County – that neighbours Nyamira.

“I forgive you, let bygones be bygones,” President Kenyatta was quoted at the time as saying by the Director of Digital Communications at State House.