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#KNUTGreed: Sossion, Nzili now face KOT’s wrath

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary general Wilson Sossion got a taste of the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter who attacked the teachers’ union officials with a hashtag challenging their tactics.

Mr Sossion, who joined Twitter a year ago, is currently a subject of discussion under a hashtag #KNUTGreed, which captures the anger of some Kenyans who feel the union is not being fair in its ongoing strike.

As the nationwide teachers’ strike continues to bite with pupils still at home after a long December holiday, tweeps have taken to social media to condemn the union.

They accused union officials of boycotting talks and pushing for basic salary increase so that its members can remit higher subscription fees.

Here are some of the thoughts expressed via the hashtag that started on Sunday:

AMB: Edith Fortunate ‏@IamFortunate1 tweeted, “After thorough review I am now convinced this teachers strike isn’t about their welfare but the welfare of certain individuals. #KNUTgreed.”

SokoAnalyst ‏@SokoAnalyst tweeted, “As I have said before, I support the teacher demands to be paid. However this must be done without any greed impeding this #KNUTGreed.”

Mustafa Amaganga ‏@MustafaAmaganga tweeted, “@SokoAnalyst @IamFortunate1 the #KNUTGreed is misleading, let them be considered it’s their right, mcas too rowdy and getting more.”

Charity Kimani ‏@ShieriKimani tweeted, “Surely can these teachers go back to work. As a mother its sad seeing children just walking around doing NOTHING. #TeachersStrike #KNUTGreed.”

HardTalkKenya ‏@HardTalkKenya tweeted, “This strike is not about the welfare of teachers. It is about the welfare of the union leaders. It is driven by greed, not need #KNUTgreed.”

The ongoing teachers strike was called for by Knut and Kuppet. The industrial court has refued to declare it illegal and instead ordered the union leaders and the Teachers Service Commission to appear in court this week over the matter.