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Kobi Kihara now deactivates her social media accounts

Former NTV talk show host Kobi Kihara has quit social media following the embarrassment and humiliation that she has been subjected to over plagiarized photos.

Kobi, who is currently studying in the US, decided to deactivate her social media accounts without any notice or goodbye message to her followers.

Her unceremonious exit from social media comes just days after she was busted for the infamous salad photo on her Instagram account.

Her troubles started last week on Friday when she lifted the salad photo belonging to blogger ‘How Sweet Eats’ then posted it as her own content on Instagram.


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TV girl Kobi Kihara plagiarised salad photo and Kenyans won’t let her be

She captioned the photo “I make a bad ass salad. #NomNomNom#Salad#Kobi WithAnEye#”

After being exposed, it later emerged that Kobi had stolen more than just the salad photo, but many more photos which she passed off as her original content.

Following relentless trolls on social media, Kobi eventually owned up to plagiarism and apologised for misleading her followers.

Thereafter, she embarked on a belated damage control exercise by deleting more than 700 Instagram posts.

But even then, she still got endless hate from the unforgiving Kenyans on Twitter. This is perhaps what ultimately pushed her out of social media.