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Kobi Kihara deletes more than 700 posts on Instagram after being outed for plagiarism

After enduring the humiliation of being trolled all day for a plagiarized photo, it seems Kenyan TV personality Kobi Kihara spent the better part of Friday deleting hundreds of posts – which could have as well been plagiarized – on Instagram.

By the latest count on Saturday, Kobi had deleted 791 photos, wilting down her posts on Instagram from 1301 to just 510.

This even after she attempted to explain and apologise for the infamous salad photo that landed her in trouble in Friday.

“I’m sorry to everyone who I mislead, forgive me. I should have thought twice perhaps and I guess it got away from me. And to my friends in the DM and on WhatsApp thanks for the lovely messages, I’m ok…really to the trolls and bullies…it’s ok! I can handle being an online punching bag, go for it,” she wrote.

Even as Kenyans on Twitter trolled her all day long using the hashtag #KobiKiharaChallenge, Kobi’s apology, however, fell short of an outright admission that the photo in question wasn’t her original content.

Kobi Kihara’s Instagram account before and after she deleted hundreds of posts. PHOTO | INSTAGRAM


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She also attempted to downplay the trolls by saying that she can handle being an online punching bag.

Kobi, who is now in the United States for studies, found herself in trouble on Friday after posting on Instagram the photo of a tantalizing salad, which she claimed she had made herself.

It quickly emerged that she had actually lifted the photo from the internet. That’s when the trolls came for her.

When we sought to establish from her why she had initially given the impression that she made the salad, she simply told Nairobi News to wait.

We are still waiting for her response.