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‘Koliks’ at last: Didmus Barasa, Simba Arati kiss and make up in parliament

Lawmakers Simba Arati and Didimus Barasa appeared to have kissed and made up, two weeks after the battle that marred the Kibra by-election.

On Tuesday, Barasa and Arati were spotted in a ‘handshake’ and exchanging pleasantries within Parliament buildings.

At some point, the MPs were seen chatting and also walking together hand in hand.

Arati and Barasa had a public spat which led to the latter being harassed in public during the Kibra by-elections.

In a video that went viral on social media, Arati who was vouching for ODM’s and eventual winner Imran Okoth, was seen threatening to chase Barasa from a polling centre at Lindi.

Barasa was backing Jubilee’s McDonald Mariga.