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Kolo Toure in fresh controversy over ‘mistreatment’ of house help

Ivorian football star Kolo Toure’s personal life is yet again under scrutiny after the player’s former house help made a revelation of alleged mistreatment.

According to English paper, The Sun, Alice Sawyer, 30, has spoken out about being overworked, underpaid and assaulted by the player’s wife.

In a wide ranging interview, Ms Sawyer claims to have been so terrified by the Liverpool defender and his wife that she eventually left her job.

Ms Sawyer also claims the former Arsenal and Manchester City player witnessed her woes but never addressed the subject.

Among the issues she claims to have been subjected to is being made to address Kolo’s wife as “Madam” instead of her actual name Awo. She also claims the couple demanded she works in shifts of up to 16 hours, four hours than the legally required 12.


The woman also claims to have been paid only Sh1,000 an hour by her employer, about Sh200 less than the national minimum required wage.

When she decided to quit her job, Ms Sawyer claims that the player’s wife insisted on searching her for any stolen items.

“She made me open my luggage and turn things upside down to make sure I hadn’t stolen anything,” Ms Sawyer says.

This is the third time Kolo, the elder brother of Manchester City midfielder, Yaya, is hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.

In an incident that happened a few years ago, Kolo was busted by an English paper for having an extra marital affair with an England based Zimbabwe lady while posing as a car salesman.

Before that, Toure himself had publicly confessed to using his wife’s pills in a bid to “cut weight.”