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Komarock conductor beaten by passengers after slapping woman – VIDEO

The conductor of an Eastland’s matatu was on Sunday evening clobbered by passengers after he verbally abused and slapped a female passenger who had refused to pay a hiked fare.

The matatu, christened Sticky Bandit and registered under the Mwamba Sacco, was headed to the city centre from Komarock via Jogoo Road.

A video of the incident shows how the conductor had hurled abuses at the passenger, shoved her, before eventually slapping her following a heated argument on the fare.

Male passengers immediately grabbed him from the door where he was hanging and descended on him with blows.

The tout soon started pleading for his life as the rain of blows intensified.

According to one eyewitness, Lewis Wanjau, who was in the matatu, the incident happened at around 5.30pm. He said the tout appeared drunk.

“The conductor was rude, he overcharged passengers and that’s what led to this commotion,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Eventually the driver of the matatu stopped to allow for a negotiated settlement.