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Kori still a suspect, more people may have taken part in wife’s murder

By ERIC WAINAINA February 14th, 2019 3 min read

Businessman Joseph Kori is not yet off the hook in relation to his wife’s murder, police have said.

This emerged Wednesday as police insisted that he, together with his mistress Judy Wangui and Michael Githae, a car-hire dealer, are still under investigation.

The Nation further learnt that investigations into the murder of Mary Wambui Kamangara have been moved from Juja Police Station, where they were being handled over the last 16 days, to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations homicide section based at its Kiambu Road headquarters, as police seek to strengthen their case.


It also emerged Wednesday that more people may have taken part in the murder, which police believe happened at Ms Wangui’s residence at Fourways Junction on Kiambu Road on January 26, after the court was informed that other suspects were being sought.

Criminal Investigations Director George Kinoti on Monday appointed Inspector John Wahome to lead the investigations.

On Wednesday, Mr Wahome, backed by the prosecution, successfully asked Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate to allow him to detain the trio for another two weeks to facilitate the investigations.

Mr Kinoti is said to have transferred the investigations to the homicide section due to “complexity and technicalities and after it emerged that some areas have not been fully covered yet”.

The unexplored areas, according to Mr Wahome, require the input of experts including those from the cybercrime unit, ballistics unit, photography and the government chemist.

He said that some exhibits have already been forwarded for examination and analysis.


Mr Kori, who during the hearing occasionally broke down, on Wednesday asked the court through lawyer Harrison Thimba to release him on bond, arguing that investigations carried out so far have shown that he was not involved in the incident.

“There is nothing that links him to (Wambui’s murder),” Mr Thimba said, adding that Mr Kori needs to be free so that he can take care of his children and also bury his wife.

Mr Kori was basing his argument on the position taken by detectives at Juja Police Station that he was not at the scene of the murder when it happened, but the homicide officers maintained that they are pursuing other leads, which might link him.

Records of Mr Kori’s cell phone data and details of a car tracking device in his Toyota Lexus, according to detectives from Juja, indicate that on the day Ms Wambui was lured to her death trap at Ms Mungai’s residence, he was in Ngong, Kajiado, where he left at 9pm.

But State Counsel Tom Imbali said the claims by the defence were misleading and, with time, evidence against Mr Kori will surface.

“There might be a lot of evidence with time, linking (Kori) to the … offence. It’s misleading to tell the court that there is no evidence, yet we are the ones with the evidence and it is yet to be served to the defence,” Mr Imbali told Ms Atambo.


Further, Mr Imbali successfully objected to the request by Mr Kori and Mr Wangui to have their Toyota Lexus and Mercedes Benz, which are being detained at Juja Police Station, released, saying that the two are exhibits which are “core and part of the investigations”.

Mr Imbali said that if the two cars are released it would prejudice the outcome of the ongoing investigations, which needs to be done thoroughly to ensure justice is served.

The suspects were represented by a team of five lawyers led by criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta and, unlike during the first time when the suspect appeared two weeks ago, yesterday the courtroom was packed with their family members and friends.

Ms Atambo directed that the accused return to court on February 27.