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KOT dish out poetic justice on man who tweeted his baby mama’s nudes

In a case of poetic justice, a Kenyan man has become an instant villain when his bid to embarrass a woman on Twitter boomeranged, ending up in his account being suspended.

Going by the name Kimindiri (@Kimindiri), the man earlier this week embarked on the mission to embarrass one of his baby mamas claiming that she had tried to abort his child.

The man, who revealed he had six other baby mamas, also posted nudes of the woman including her name, face and phone number.

However, Kenyans on Twitter were furious and turned on him, accusing him of blackmailing the woman in question.

A campaign was then started to report the account.

Eventually, the man, who had more than 27,000 followers had his account suspended by Twitter on Thursday, with some KOT popping the champaigne.

KOT then started doing what they do best: trolling.

There is jurisprudence in Kenya where a woman was awarded damages of Sh1 million against her ex-boyfriend who had shared her nudes following a break up.