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KOT beg World Bank not to give broke Kenya Sh75b loan

Kenyans on Twitter are spoiling for the government by warning World Bank not to loan it Sh75 billion that Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich says is needed to fund the Big Four Agenda.

This is the first time in more than ten years that Kenya is seeking a loan from the World Bank.

According to Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich the money is needed to fund the Big Four agenda.

The loan application is contained in a letter written by CS Rotich to the President of World Bank dated March 13, 2019.

Kenyans on Twitter expressed varied reactions, with most warning the World Bank that the money will be looted by cartels in government.

“Instead of going for more money they need to collect all the money being stolen and use it to close the budget shortfalls. Borrowing will only put a burden to the Kenyan people as they are the ones who will have to repay,” said @ndech_steve.

“Kenya should be sold kila mtu apewe haki yake tujipe shughuli,” wrote @KwonkwoMed.

“Seems possibly with every passing day. We are in a tight fix,” commented @georgemakori.

“@WorldBankKenya @WorldBank You know as well as we do, very well, that you CANNOT give GoK any money because they will LOOT and STEAL it! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give GoK any Loan at this time. We the citizens cannot guarantee repaying the loan, ask China,” stated @KayamoYafes.

“These crooks be paralyzing our country; one day the cost of life will rise beyond the common man’s affordability,” wrote @benxonbenzy.

“@WorldBankKenya pls we don’t need loan we are ok…we have a lot of money in personal accounts and abroad the only HELP we need is we can get our money out of their accounts,” responded @lizjewel.

“Our government is like an unemployed graduate:unadaiwa na helb,tala,branch,kcb mpesa,mshwari.. alafu wen umesota zaidi huňa hata pesa ya kununua food unadownloâd app ýa okash wale wa tano tena asanteni sana tuendelee na safari,” said @aligasambi.