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KOT blasts ‘bodyguard’ Duale after Ruto presser mischief

Kilifi gubernatorial aspirant George Kithi is suddenly the talk of the town after a video appearing to show his forceful removal from Deputy President William Ruto’s press briefing went viral.

Kithi got into trouble when he positioned himself next to his boss Amason Kingi, the Kilifi governor, at the presser held at the DP’s official residence in Nairobi.

Kingi used the event to officially inform the country he’d dumped President Uhuru Kenyatta and Azimio candidate Raila Odinga in favour of Ruto.

But Aden Duale, the Garsen lawmaker and a close ally of Ruto, was having none of Kithi’s political positioning, so to speak.

He was spotted literally grabbing Kithi with his right hand and pulling him away from the spot he’d chosen, next to Kingi and Ruto.

Duale’s actions reportedly made to safeguard UDA’s Kilifi gubernatorial candidate Aisha Jumwa’s interests, have caused a stir on social media, with Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) criticizing Kingi for ‘not protecting his candidate from being humiliated by Duale.’

One Twitter user questioned how Kingi couldn’t protect Kithi, his lawyer and friend from Duale’s humiliation yet he would go on and on at the presser on how he intends to protect the interests of his people.

Another one felt Kithi was mistreated in the eyes of Kingi despite his promise to protect Coastal people.

Another one posed whether it was only Aisha Jumwa, a UDA candidate, who was allowed to be recognized after the Duale-Kithi scuffle.

Another one asked how Kingi felt zoned in Kilifi yet he did not protect his candidate from being pushed to the sidelines.

Another one questioned how Kenya Kwanza expected support yet they welcomed Kingi and treated Kithi as a second-class citizen.

Another one claimed Aden Duale was the head boy who needed order.