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KOT doubts on Itumbi kidnap story

By Wangu Kanuri January 14th, 2022 1 min read

Kenyans on social media have questioned Dennis Itumbi’s side of events in relation to his reported kidnap that occurred during the festive season.

The controversial blogger shared his side of the story on the events in which he claimed his captors tortured and undressed him in a bid to change his political persuasion.

“It is a must you change your political persuasion to match that of the ‘boss’,” he recalls.

“Who is the ‘boss’? he retorted back at the kidnappers, ‘Slap, blow, tightening of handcuffs.”

However, Kenyans called him out in the comments section with most suggesting that his story was not adding up.

“You walking with multiple fractures with no help makes Jesus walking on water feel like child-play,” said Isaac Otendo.

“Miracles are real if you were hit with crude weapons like hammer and you had no swollen limbs! That you were hit with crude weapons by six men, six and you recovered within a week from broken legs! This is a Miracle that can only be equated to the times of Jesus! Hitmen gave you time even to see the how they were changing vehicles? That they were even foolish and bold enough to tell you who sent them? The fiction stories are more real than this!” said Mikejohn’s Moo.