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Clueless KOT attempt to throw shade at Eliud Kipchoge’s physiotherapist

As marathon world record holder and Olympic champion, Eliud Kipchoge, recovers from his latest victory, he shared a photo of his physiotherapy session, attracting the attention of clueless Kenyans on Twitter.

The users questioned why the world record holder was being massaged by a man and had his clothes on.

KOT tried to paint a picture of the perfect massage for Kipchoge complete with a female masseuse and essential oils.

What they did not know, however, was that the Olympic champion’s muscles were being taken care of by the best physiotherapist in Kenya.


“Champion was he the best person qualified for this job?… I thought somebody young and beautiful would do the job really well. Lakini cha muhimu ni uhai,” commented Cyprian Nyakundi.

“Massages are very important in recovery. Best of luck for the coming project, We are following,” stated Thomas Kiprotich.

“Look for a lady masseuse!” added Kibanga.

But then award-winning Kenyan sports journalist, Evelyn Watta, of the Olympic Channel, pointed out an important fact that many of these tweeps probably didn’t know.

“That’s Peter Nduhiu, one of the best sports physiotherapists in Kenya. He has worked with tens of Kenyan athletes. Those hands have relieved tired muscles ahead of world record, Olympic and World titles chases,” she tweeted.