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KOT join push for justice for Ebbie

Kenyans on Twitter have joined in solidarity in the quest for the apprehension of Ebbie Noelle Samuel’s killers.

Ebbie died under mysterious circumstances almost two months after enrolling as a Form One student at Gatanga CCM secondary school in 2019 which is currently known as St Anuarite Gatanga Girls school.

Friends, family, and former primary school teachers protested on Thursday across Nairobi streets chanting ‘Justice for Ebbie.’

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Ebbie had been assaulted severely by a senior member of the school’s administration on allegations that her hair had been styled contrary to school regulations.

We live in a society that protects POLITICIANS… But not CHILDREN!! Ebbie was murdered 3yrs ago after being hit by her teacher (with a bunsen burner!) #JusticeForEbbie,” said @Sigumo_Obart.
“Who gives you the right to assault someone’s child? #JusticeForEbbie” asked @edkabasa.
“Imagine unapeleka mtoto shule ( boarding school) then one day unapigiwa simu uende hospital ukachukue mwili wa mtoto wako ambaye amefariki kwa kipigo cha mwalimu, bado sijawa mzazi ila ?#JusticeForEbbie,” posted @Gladys_cyreen.
“We are not resting untill the culprits pay for what they did. #JusticeForEbbie” said @paulabony.
“The pain in her mother’s voice?#justiceforebbie,” wrote @Kambua.
“This is plain EVIL!  May justice be served! #JusticeForEbbie” said @j_nzamby.
“When a mother says her child will not rest in peace until her killers are brought to book ?? #JusticeForEbbie,” posted @AnneMbugua16.
“Stand up, stand strong together.Don’t stand by,stand up against bullying.End bullying before it ends a life.  Ebbie life is among the many lives lost on unclear circumstances in Schools.The right to life supersedes the right to have Pony tail hair. #JusticeForEbbie,” wrote @LeilaNoor5.
“Most  public schools  are unfit for our children, poor infrastructure, under staffed & lack transparency. Ebbie & the many other Kenyan children that have died in schools deserve justice.#JusticeForEbbie,” wrote @Njeriwaridi.
“My wish and hope is that her family gets the justice she deserve.3 years is too long to wait. #JusticeForEbbie,” said @Emmanuel_Gabu.
“We cannot be having children die in schools and the government that is supposed to take care of them do nothing. Justice is a right for every kenyan citizen. Action must be taken. We cannot have ebby become a statistic. Justice must be served. #JusticeForEbbie,” wrote @elsysambi.

Ebbie, then a 15-year-old met her death under mysterious circumstances on the night of March 8 – 9th, 2019.

Her mother, Martha Wanjiro received a call from the principal and her deputy informing her that her first-born child was unwell and had been rushed to Naidu hospital in Thika.

“The principal, Ms Veronica Wanjiku Mwangi insisted that my daughter had failed to wake up that morning and that she had died on her way to the hospital. However, doctors at the hospital reported that they had received a dead body that had been deceased for some time,” Martha says.

According to DCI tweet, an autopsy conducted by the government pathologist confirmed that Ebbie died as a result of blunt force trauma, due to head injury.

Despite efforts to record statements from witnesses who include Ebbie’s friends and classmates, DCI homicide detectives found the school environment intimidating for the witnesses and opted to take their statements once the schools were closed.