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KOT list interesting reasons why Muslims are wealthy

By Winnie Mabel January 30th, 2023 3 min read

The reasons began streaming in after a curious Kenyan on Twitter named Omwamba KE wondered where Muslims got their money from and why many of them are “are so rich”.

Many Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) streamed to Omwamba’s comment section where they gave their opinions on why many Muslims were doing well financially:

“Praying five times a day and practicing patience when tested. That’s where we get our wealth,” said Gamal Jamil.

“They work smart,” added Lawrence Kitema.

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“Oh, you know, just from all the oil under our prayer mats,” joked Naaman Kala.

“I am not gonna lie it’s bc of prayers and tissue saving blah blah. While prayers with action may help but I attribute it largely to the Islamic business principles like Interest free no gambling ,no hoarding of goods, being honest when you sell and more,” explained Abdullar Athman.

“Muslims are very hardworking people. They also have five daily prayers in their account every day  and  also give sadaqa and zakat to the brothers who are poor and needy. This strategy doubles their wealth and makes them rich in mind too,” said Gedi Qaran.

“They support one another in starting and growing their businesses. They lend each other money to grow their businesses unlike us Christians who wait until our brothers and sisters are dead so that we can give long speeches during their funeral sessions,” compared Monshood Mose.

“Moslems at the mosque 🕌 5X a day. They ask for 03 items from God. 1-Money, 2-Wives, 3-life. That makes their prayer request short! Easy for God provide 😂😂 Go to church ⛪️ a zillion prayer requests boom 🤯 we confuse the giver 🤣🤣🤣,” joked M Charles X.

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“Some of my Muslim friends have the culture of pulling together it’s so effective, the trust between them and the art of teamwork is unmatched! It ends up with millions of investments,” said Otieno Ogallo.

“I’m a Muslim and I ask myself the same question, where do you guys get the money? Please don’t tell us you got it because you pray.Every Muslim prays but not every Muslim is filthy rich?And Definitely not through diaspora remittances either, so where do you guys get the money?” said Mo Anshur.

“It’s mainly through uplifting one another. Access to investment capital is easier since most don’t have to borrow from financial institutions or relatives and friends who engage lawyers and so many documentations to sign. Again, interest-free loans are part of the good deals,” added The Moha.

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“Muslims pay annually 2.5% of their wealth as a charity to the less fortunate. Support each other as a community, contented with little, live easy life, don’t take loans with interest, work hard & trust each other pooling resources and above all trust in Allah,” said Ayman Shaban.

“Every human being with two hands gets enough money for his/her stomach, what differs is how you spend your money. I’m Christian and honestly speaking, we have a lot of unnecessary spending. Basically a Christian spends more than a Muslim. Wealth depends fully on your spending,” said Ithangu wa Njeeri.

“It’s God that gives wealth. Has nothing to do with religion,” said Hon. Idris Bulle Mohamed.

In Nairobi, many Islamic faithful are known to put up expensive establishments, including restaurants, high rise apartments and shopping malls as seen in areas including Eastleigh, South B and in various Eastlands estates- signifying the big money that floats around in the community.

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