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Why KOT are mad with Mwanaisha Chidzuga

TV personality Mwanaisha Chidzuga of K24 has found herself on the receiving end of unsavoury remarks by Kenyans on Twitter after she blamed social media for the closure of Chase Bank.

In the wake of the placement Chase Bank under receivership by Central Bank of Kenya on Thursday, Chidzuga posted a comment on her Twitter handle that seemed to blame social media for the troubled bank’s collapse.

“We desperately need a law to regulate social media in this country. It’s doing more than good to many, #chasebankkenya#truth,” Chidzuga wrote.

Her statement seemed to anger many Kenyans on social media who bombarded her Twitter handle with remarks of contrary opinion. Some users even questioned suitability as a journalist and urged her to deactivate her Twitter account.


For a while the TV presenter attempted to engage KOT with responses to their remarks but was eventually forced to delete the post after a sustained onslaught by KOT.

@kipcleophas posed the question: “Because tweeps had withdrawn the billions?” to which Chidzuga responded: “Corporate wars use social media to eliminate your competitor, when it comes to money, image, trust is everything.”

@iNduati wrote: @IamIshaChidzuga If you believe @chasebankKenya was brought down by social media you must be the most ignorant journo I never met.”

In response the presenter wrote: “@iNduati @chasebankKenya partly refer to the statement by cbk governor then respond to my tweet.”

@kResearcher said: “@IamIshaChidzuga Let’s agree on one thing, social media did not lend out even 1 Sh from Chase Bank nor misreport that figure #Truth.”