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KOT can’t believe Nema has banned plastic bags for waste collection

By EDDY KAGERA August 16th, 2017 2 min read

Kenyans on Twitter have called on National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) to reconsider its decision to include garbage bags in the ban that takes effect on August 28.

Anyone caught breaking the law will be liable to a fine of up to Sh4 million.

But while most Kenyans are agreeable with the ban on polythene bags used for shopping and other packaging, some were taken aback to learn that they will have to look for alternatives when it comes to garbage collection.

With a broken waste management system, most Kenyans in urban areas rely on plastic bags to manage waste before it is collected to eventual delivery to the various dumping sites.

It all started when Nema reminded Kenyans that they had under a week to comply.

A Twitter user then asked them to clarify on the alternatives for garbage collection.

Nema insisted the black polythene bags had to go too.

This did not augur well with Kenyans on Twitter.