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KOT not shocked by sale of non-rotting bread in Kenya

By Winnie Mabel February 22nd, 2023 2 min read

A Kenyan man’s narrative of how a piece of bread they had been using for homework in the Competency Based Curriculum education was not rotting after several days failed to shock wary Kenyans on Twitter.

Greg Kidiwa told of how he and his son had been given homework to note how mold grows on bread but after 8 days, there was no mold growing on the bread that still appeared and smelled fresh.

“My son’s homework required him to put away bread for a few days to see mold grow on it. 3 days later, nothing. 5 days later imekauka (it had dried), no mold and still smells fresh. We moistened, kept away for 3 more days, nothing. What the hell are we eating? Bread SHOULD go bad!” said Mr Kidiwa.

When asked what he and his son handed in for his homework, Mr Kidiwa said they had to download pictures of moldy bread from the internet and give it to his son’s teacher. His discovery of the bread not molding opened up discussion of how several Kenyan brands of bread were manufacturing products that were not rotting as would naturally be expected.

“Not with this economy, anything and everything should last longest … (On a light note though),” said N Musee.

“Thank you finally someone has noticed too i bought a certain bread brand.The thing was nasty. Don’t buy any edibles from small local shops especially those that get supplied with (Toyota) Probox, Nduthi and mainly kikuyu merchants kwa (in) estates kuna siri (there is a secret). @MOH_Kenya,” said Wilson Wanajau.

Several users went ahead to name a particular bread brand and demanded answers from the company as to why their bread was not rotting within a short period time and taking more than 10 days to do so.

“Lol there was bread dumped on a green space in my estate. Yani (I tell you) all fauna were avoiding it, two weeks later it was still there, that’s when I started baking my own bread. i marinated kuku with milk and lemon juice it did not curdle, I started buying goat milk,” added Ida Nyakinyua.

“Most people celebrate when the bread they bought stays longer,” said Adams Tevinchy to which Mr Kidiwa responded by saying, “3 to 4 days yes. 8 days hapana (no).”

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