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KOT pick fight with Ghana over ‘manel’ discussing menstrual hygiene

An event hosted by an organisation in Ghana on menstrual hygiene has irked Kenyans on Twitter for failing to include one important factor.

The webinar organised by Girls Flow Free was aimed to mark world Menstrual hygiene day on Thursday, under the title “It’s a Mense World.”

However, it is the fact that the discussion was being conducted by a male panel that has left KOT seething with anger.

The poster for the event was shared by human rights activist Dr Njoki Ngumi who congratulated Ghana for the bold move.

“3 years ago I did a thread about a Kenyan #manel constituted to discuss menses in media. This year a similar dubious honour goes to our kinfolk across the Continent, who have even convened a pastor and someone in IT as the experts we need. Hurrah, etc,” tweeted @njokingumi.

The organisers, however, defended themselves saying the discussion was meant to onboard men in the discussion.

The Twitter post attracted an avalanche of backlash. Below are some of them.