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KOT react to nuns who got pregnant after missionary work in Africa

By Naira Habib November 7th, 2019 2 min read

Two nuns have brought out the best of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) for their rather interesting missionary activities while on a working trip to Africa that has become a sensation on social media.

The two Roman Catholic Church nuns from different orders in Sicily, Italy are reported to have returned home while pregnant after executing their missionary work in the African continent.

The church is currently investigating the case that has left the world in shock and amusement, and KOT did not let he opportunity pass to come up with their different double entendre explanations on what might have transpired.

One of the women, 34, reportedly discovered she was expectant when stomach pain forced her to go to the hospital and reports indicate she may leave the monastic life to raise the baby.

Similarly, the other woman, a mother superior, is reported to have left for her Madagascar home after she discovered she was one-month pregnant and her age was not made public.

Nuns and priests take a vow of chastity before they are ordained, meaning they are not allowed to have sexual intercourse.

Below are some of the interesting comments from KOT:

“The Vatican won’t be deploying more nuns to our villages now,” said @ali_naka.

“I wanted to say it’s very hard to pull out during missionary, but its nun of my business,” tweeted @jimalo.

“They have to explain the missionary part carefully,” wrote @Buthomoyo.

“We want to congratulate and thank our African brothers for not only spreading the gospel and sharing our missionary secret with the nuns but also for going an extra mile to roam the sacred grounds, peruse the fading holy leaves and pumping new life on them in the fulfilment of our divine given duty that man must multiply and fill the Earth. God bless you sons of Adonijah,” commented Jaramogi Allan.

“Next time when visiting Africa please try wheelbarrow style coz this missionary style is no joke.
See your life now,” responded Princess Dee.

“When you are a missionary and you try missionary for the first time. Good things happen,” said Davies Kimeu.

“So the pregnanter and the pregnantee and the pregnanterees who’s the complainant now? Is it the prenantiser,” remarked Akede Kakedi.

“Literally….it was a “missionary” trip,” said Mac Arthur.