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KOT react with hilarious memes to Karen Country Club opening space to the public

The super exclusive members-only Karen Country Club announced recently that they have opened its doors to the public after years of being private and only allowing club members and their guests.

According to information on the Karen Country Club website, membership fees for a single member were Sh450,000 and Sh800,000 for a couple.

To access golfing facilities, you would need Sh150,000 for a single-person membership and Sh300,000 for a double membership.

Junior members between ages 18 and 25 would part with Sh84,000 and Sh75,000 as membership and golfing fees respectively.

Before deciding to go public, the Club required several qualifications for membership. 

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For instance, people interested in becoming members of the Club would require a formal introduction by two members of the Club, who must have been members of the club for a minimum of two years. 

They were also required to be “Of good standing”, according to information available on the Country Club’s website.

The actual process of becoming a member, however, was not an easy one. 

Once a potential member was “proposed” by an existing member, they would need to submit a letter of introduction and CV to the membership office. 

They would then provide photographs, fill out a proposal form and then wait for a decision to be made by the balloting committee tasked with approving or declining applications.

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In years past, private golf clubs funded themselves with income from green fees, membership fees, food, and beverage sales, and shop sales.

However, with an ageing golfing clique that is not matching up with new younger memberships, and a harsh economy that has denied the wealthy the ability to pay for multiple club memberships, some country clubs are looking for other ways to make money.

Karen Country Club bow says that non-members are now able to enjoy special rates on golf. Playing 9 and 18 holes will cost the public Sh2,500 and Sh5,000 respectively.

However, to maintain the old exclusive feel for existing club members, there are days set aside only for them. 

The country club has also maintained some old rules in line with the preferences of the old members.

After the announcement, Kenyans took to social media and were ungovernable.

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Here are a few memes that they shared. 

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