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KOT react as Dennis Ombachi tosses his young son into a swimming pool

Kenya 7s national rugby team player Dennis Ombachi has left the online community dumbstruck after he posted a video of himself tossing his young son into a swimming pool.

Apparently, according to Ombachi, the boy had just finished water safety lessons that lasted four weeks, and tossing him into the swimming pool was the celebrated player’s way of announcing to the world who much of a skilled swimmer his son had become.

“Four weeks since we started water safety classes and my son graduated today, officially water safe! In last class he get to go in with 4 layers of clothing including two diapers, more than doubling his weight in water,” Ombachi captioned the shocking video.

Surprisingly, on hitting the water, the boy flips himself over to his back and does some backtrokes.

Another video that the players posted shows an unidentified woman giving a hand to a much younger child in the swimming pool.

“Graduating as well was our 8-month-old daughter, officially the only one who can’t swim in her,” Ombachi captioned the second video, which shows the child doing a few backstrokes.

The videos drew an instant reaction from netizens, most of whom expressed their anger with the rugby player’s actions.