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KOT read politics in Alfred Keter’s arrest at Central Bank

The Kenyan online community has attributed politics to Friday’s arrest of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter at Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) headquarters.

Mr Keter was arrested together with two others, Arthur Ingolo Sakwa and Madat Suburali Chatur, for attempting to transact forged Treasury Bills worth Sh633 million purportedly issued by the CBK in the 1990’s.

The details of the arrest are yet to be known, but most Kenyans online read mischief in the publicity of the arrest and given Mr Keter’s leanings in the Jubilee Party.

Others however blamed the vocal legislator for his reckless manners, citing the drama at a weighbridge in Gilgil where he was filmed intimidating custom officials.

Peter Njuguna wrote; “Keter always talks of cartels… He ought to be investigated on nys saga too.”

Iveta Lemo commented; “Hehehehe Jubilee party of despots they will turn against their own very soon.”

Pkimutai™ replied; “Sema Kutafutiwa Makosa, Must everyone sing to their tune? What if he was singing to their tune, could they have noticed or it could have been swept under the carpet? Intimidation is real.”

Carol Chepkirui added; “The jubilee govt should stop intimidating individuals who doesn’t conform with their style of leadership.”


Edgar Etaan wrote; “Once a person decides to act contrary to the state, their dirty side is revealed even those from the past and no stone is left unturned. It’s so sad we are living in such a country.”

Kinuthia Kamau replied; “Fake deals are allowed ukiwa kwa siasa…muacheni naye ajishashe.”

Keight Robin commented; “The only reason he is being arrested is because he has fallen out with jubilee…Clearly its either you with uhuru/ruto and if not, you get arrested or deported…This is the Kenya we are living in today.”

Alex Kavaji added; “I knew He will be humiliated one day because of his stands on corruption matters…nothing else. Tuko macho.”

Marisioh Tomm wrote; “Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter is at it again. And just like last time when he was a party rebel during the weighbridge scandal, his innocence will AGAIN be traded with his promise to respect and be loyal to his party and masters. This is Kenya!”