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KOT reenact #UhuruChallenge with funny poses

A picture of a wide-eyed President Uhuru Kenyatta entering into a shanty village house in Kiambu county has become a meme sensation.

The picture, taken earlier this year when President Kenyatta had gone to launch a lighting project in the county,  captured the head of state bending to enter into a hut, closely followed by Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum, Charles Keter.

Like the President, the Cabinet Secretary also has a funny expression on his face.

Kenyans on Twitter took up the hilarious challenge of imitating the two characters in the photo creating the hashtag #UhuruChallenge.

Another head of state who has been subjected to such memes, include Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, when he stopped his motorcade on the middle of the road to answer a telephone call by the road side. Giving rise to the #M7Challenge

Cord leader Raila Odinga has alos been the subject on a Twitter challenge from a picture of him talking on the phone while resting his left foot on a car tyre that went viral giving rise to #BabaChallenge.