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KOT take on Ghanaians after flattening Nigerians

Just days after clashing with their Nigerian counterparts, Kenyans on Twitter have gone to ‘war’ with Ghanaians.

The hashtag #KenyaVsGhana was trending on Twitter on Tuesday as both sides went all out to ridicule and outdo each other.

The KenyaVsNigeria ‘brawl’ was sparked by an online post by Nigerian journalist Femi Oke’s in which she erroneously claimed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was sampling Nigerian cuisine in a photo showing the American billionaire eating fresh tilapia and ugali at a Nairobi restaurant.

However, the KenyaVsGhana tweef was triggered by a Kenyan on Twitter (@iGitz_) who, unprompted, tweeted:

And as you would expect, Kenyans on Twitter took up the challenge:

But the Ghanaians would hit back:

Kenyans on Twitter also lashed out on their Ghanaian counterparts for their poor command of the English language.

Ghanaians on the other hand went all out with their Pidgin English: