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KOT urge Uhuru to issue travel advisory against US over Trump protests

Kenyans on social media have cheekily advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to issue a travel advisory against the United States of America.

This advice comes against the backdrop of scenes of post-election violence in the country after a group of protestors said to be allied to outgoing President Donald Trump stormed the Congress where members were validating  President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

Social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat responded by suspending Trump’s accounts after he tweeted ‘I love you’ to the protestors.

The sites have also warned that Trump could be ‘permanently removed’.

Demonstrators swarmed the building as Congress members were escorted out by police.

As the drama unfolded Kenyans were keen to point out that even though Americans pride themselves as the face of democracy in the world, they were not perfect.

The American government is known to issue travel advisories, warnings and at times accused of imposing solutions to countries where such incidents occur.