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KOT’s joy over ‘evil’ bosses getting dose of their own medicine

At one point or another in life, you can attest that you were subject to superior authority be it in school, campus or in the work place.

Sometimes, these bosses were heaven-sent while others were the devil incarnate. Some of these bosses would take credit for their juniors’ work in front of the big boss, would act like they knew how to do something when this was a lie Others misused the power bestowed on them to bully, manipulate and take advantage of those in ranks below theirs.

And many of you, readers, would attest to those silent prayers, the eye rolls, the dread and fear at having to deal with such bosses because you did not know which side of the bed they had woke up on and for how long you would have to walk on egg shells around them before they zeroed in on you.

Sometimes, however, life has a way of balancing things out and such bosses often get their karma in front of the people they abused with their power.

As sampled by Nairobi News, below are revelations at how some Kenyans on Twitter rejoiced when the bad bosses got a dose of their own medicine as life balanced out their evil for other’s relief:

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“We have an a*shole manager at work. Like… horrible and not the brightest. Katika harakati zake za kusumbua watu (in her daily routine of bothering people), she was hit by a car na sasa hakuji kazi ako kwa (and now she doesn’t come to work because she is in a) wheelchair. I have never seen people so excited. You know how bad you have to be that no one feels bad for you? Watu hata hawamuiti jina (People are not even calling her by her given names). Ni shawry for wheelchair.  And she got hit by a car just after demeaning and humiliating a new employee in front of people. Hata 24 hrs hazikuisha. Sema (someone say) ancestors working overtime. It’s been hilarious to watch because not even one person felt woiye (sorry for her). People are just snickering in the office,” said one Millicent Nyokaffiii as she clarified that the boss wasn’t paralyzed, just temporarily wheelchair bound.

“I saw a nurse I charge get transferred once and the whole staff celebrated. They even made a mockery of her character using wallpapers,” Wallace Lari wrote.

“My current boss… akienda leave huwa tunasherekea (when he goes on leave, we celebrate),” said Maria Kemunto.

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“If my manager died I would go to his burial to confirm if he is genuinely dead,” one Tim Kimm said.

“We had a bad manager… Alipata Covid after kuficha sanitizer ya staff kwa office yake (he got infected with covid after he hid employees’ sanitizer in his office). Hakuna mtu alipeleka ata kamatunda ama ata kutuma pole (No one even took fruits to this person to visit and say sorry – he recovered fully). Malipo ni hapa hapa (payback happens here on earth),” said Irene Believes.

“We had one of those (evil bosses). Vile aliarushwa na bwana (when she was thrown off a building by her husband) and broke both legs, that weekend ilikua sherehe tu (people celebrated). Tulimchangia cash bond yani asilale ndani na shetani ako indisposed (we raised cash bond for him to not spend the night in jail when his devil was indisposed),” said Lager Mashou33.

Many were of the opinion karma will always locate people who treat other people badly and unfairly.

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