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KoX men list cringe reasons why some women turn them off

By Winnie Mabel October 11th, 2023 2 min read

One of the most thrilling phenomena in life is the excitement of new love.

The pounding heart, the sweaty palms and armpits when you come across the new love interest, the tied tongue that makes speech blunders and flat jokes for the sake of speaking, and the heady dizziness of what will come should the new love interest agree to a commitment.

As cliché as it sounds and as overused on social media, love is apparently not a noun but a verb. You have to keep doing something to keep things fresh, interesting, and worth the effort.

You actively have to keep falling in love with each other; otherwise, boredom and familiarity will eventually breed contempt.

One female Kenyan on X (formerly Twitter) recently asked men what especially turned them off of women despite the chase, the capture, and the conquering.

And the reasons flooded in like presidential votes.

Fast and furious. And definitely cringe to read.

Check them out below:

“Pregnancy, apparently,” said G.T.

“When the woman decides that she too wants to be a man…,” added Billy Kent.

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“Hygiene,” stated Random Guy.

“When she’s obsessed with social media/her phone in general,” revealed Saint Micheal.

“A demanding lady is a turn-off,” said Issah Fadhili.

“Disrespectful, don’t care attitude, hygiene and too much demanding and yet not productive,” added Julius Munjuri.

“A woman who asks for money in every conversation,” said Dj Genius.

“When I hear ur body count,” added The Black Scorpion.

“I call, you don’t pick up, then you don’t even call back,” mentioned Franco.

“Too many male friends,” said Ryan Harts.

“Single mums, broke ladies,” said Ken.

“Someone better coming along is usually the case.” Alan Nelson added.

“After the 1st shot,” opined Dr Mogul.

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“Lack of nyash (backside) just simple,” stated Manuco.

“When they mutate into a needy orphan,” said Arap Walta.

“Stink, talks too much, boring, nagging, talk too much, and most of all, talk too much,” added Price.

We say cringe reasons because some of the reasons stated appear to be projections on women. You get turned off by a woman who has many male friends. What if she is a male basketball team doctor or therapist?

Keeps asking you for money, didn’t you set this precedent when you wooed her with money and bagged with those expectations to continue swirling in her mind?

While we understand that some reasons are viable, like being unhygienic and disrespectful, how does a man’s penchant for hitting once and running or a better looking woman coming along have to do with the personality of the woman they initially chased after?

Doesn’t this speak more to the man’s personality and mental capacity than the woman’s lack that “turns off men”?

What do you think?

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